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On the dolphin-shaped island of Isle Delfino is where Mario and Princess Peach decide to spend their vacation in Super Mario Sunshine ROM & ISO GameCube game. They have in their company the Princess’s steward Toadsworth. Unfortunately, their vacation is cut short when they discover a giant-shaped goop mass on their arrival at the airstrip.

With the help of Professor Gadd’s Flash Liquidizing Ultra Dousing Device (F.L.U.D.D), Mario defeats the piranha that emerges from the goop. This action will have severe repercussions on Mario and his friends. Eventually, they will have to track down the real criminal behind it all, Shadow Mario, Mario’s doppelganger, who kidnaps Peach and takes her away.

Defeat Shadow Mario, Bowser’s latest disguise, save Peach, and give the Princess the vacation that she truly deserves in Super Mario Sunshine ROM. Download and play on your Dolphin emulator.

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