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The first game in the Metroid Prime saga and the fifth installment of the Metroid franchise, the Metroid Prime ROM & ISO Gamecube game is the perfect fusion. It blends the two things we love about this adventure RPG series: adventure and battles.

Play as a bounty hunter, Samus Aran, and battle space pirates putting a permanent stop to their biological experiments on the planet Tallon IV. Traverse through this planet amassing powerups that are crucial to progress. These include extra health, ammunition packs, and a Varia suit for protection against high temperatures.

Items in Metroid Prime ROM & ISO must be collected in a particular order. Some become available after boss fights. They all help Samus collect the 12 Chozo Artifacts that grant access to the Phazon meteor impact crater.

Solve puzzles to unlock secrets, jump, run and shoot enemy targets playing Metroid Prime ROM & ISO game for Gamecube. Download and play on the Dolphin emulator.

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