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The Nintendo GameCube (NGC) is one of Nintendo’s most popular home-based sequels. The sixth-generation console is the successor to the Nintendo 64 (N64). The console offered dynamic features that endeared it to many gamers. These features include a mini-disc format and four-controller port design that set it apart from its competitors. Additionally, this console has a rich game library, with popular titles such as Mario Party 5, Ultimate Spider-Man, Need for Speed Underground, and Metroid Prime. The console’s production was stopped in 2007, but you can play these games using a GameCube or Dolphin emulator. However, you will need Nintendo GameCube ROMs or Dolphin ROMs downloads. The games also allow you to use ISO files instead of ROMs. You can download GameCube ISOs and Dolphin ISOs on HappyROMs and enjoy your classic game of choice! These files come in different variations, including GameCube ROMs for PC, GameCube ROMs for Mac, GameCube ROMs for iOS, and GameCube ROMs for Android. Your choice depends on the platform you want to use for gaming.

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