Gameboy Color (GBC) ROMS



Gameboy Color (GBC) is one of the few available handheld game consoles from Nintendo. It was launched for public use in October 1998. The console is portable, yet it possesses the features of a full-fledged home gaming system. Gameboy Color (GBC) is 100% effective on different games, including Pokemon Gold and Silver. However, you need GBC ROMs to game on your device. Gameboy Color ROMs are nothing but game files; they have information about Gameboy Color (GBC) games. These ROMs can be easily downloaded from the internet and can be played on an emulator. If you are looking for GBC ROMs downloads, you've come to the right place! HappyROMs is the best place to get game ROMs GBC version. We offer a wide variety of GBC ROMs free of charge!

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