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Play Pokemon Crystal ROM GBC and 3DS and enjoy or reminisce the wonders of the Johto region. As the last Pokemon to be released on GBC, it possesses many features, including the opportunity to choose your character's gender. Use your character to earn the respect of monsters by fighting and winning them. 

Here is your chance to earn the respect of the legendary Suicune, a member of the beast trio that includes Raikou and Entei. Win them in battle and gain access to the leader of Ecruteak gym, Morty. 

Pokemon - Crystal ROM introduces you to the mythical Eusine, a ‘deity’ hell-bent on finding and submitting Suicune. Follow their story as you subdue creatures and grow your monster collection. This is a chance to hone your fighting skills and become a Pokemon legend yourself!

Enjoy the thrill of playing this adventure RPG game. Pokemon - Crystal ROM & ISO is available for download on PC, Mac, iPhone (iOS), and Android.

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