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Kanto region is beautiful, littered with human-populated towns, cities, and routes. There are also plenty of wild Pokemon betting to be trained. You start your journey in Pokemon -Blue ROM & ISO game in your hometown, Pallet Town.

Professor Oak, a local scientist stops you in the tall grass and warns you that there may be wild Pokemon inhabiting the territory. Oak leads you to his laboratory, where you meet your future rival, his grandson. Both of you pick a starter Pokemon and your journey as a trainer begins.

Your abilities as a trainer in Pokemon - Blue ROM GBC will be tested at gyms. There you will battle gym leaders, each holding the keys to a gym badge. You must collect eight of these to enter the Indigo League to face the Elite Four and the professor’s grandson, the new champion.

You will also be in a constant face-off with Team Rocket, who steal and abuse Pokemon, using them for various crimes. Pokemon - Blue ROM for GBC and GBA is free to download and play on Android, PC, Mac, and iPhone (iOS).

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