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Pokemon - Yellow ROM first emerged on GBC & GBA before debuting on 3DS in 2016. The story sets off in Pallet Town, where you, Red, try to leave town before being caught by Professor Oak. He leads you to a laboratory, where events unfold that will trigger an infinite rivalry between Red and his ex-friend, Blue,

Encounters with other trainers will help your player build fighting experience, earn gym badges, and most importantly, capture, train, and fight Pokemon. Pokemon - Yellow ROM & ISO takes you on battle encounters across the length and breath of Kanto, including the Viridian Forest and Mt. Moon.

Participate in notorious rivalries against Team Rocket, collect hidden machines at Vermilion, win the Pokemon league, battle the Elite Four, defeat the Pokemon champion and unlock Mewtwo. The secret to success in Pokemon - Yellow ROM depends on your strategy.

Enjoy 4-bit monochromatic music, improved sprites, and a redesigned Kanto. Pokemon - Yellow ROM GBC/ GBA/ 3DS is now available to download on Mac, PC, Android, and iPhone (iOS).

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