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Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door ROM & ISO game gives Mario an additional responsibility besides rescuing Princess Peach from her captors. He now has to unlock great treasure hidden behind a mysterious portal. You have been tasked with helping Mario find this treasure while discovering where the treacherous X-nauts have hidden our dear princess.

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door ROM game is a turn-based battle game in which you battle a group of alien invaders on a side-scrolling screen. The story is set in the fictional town of Rogueport, built at the site of a previously existent town destroyed by a cataclysmic event.

Typical of the series Paper Mario allows you the company of an assistant at all times as you work your way through levels to Grodus, leader of the alien X-nauts. Stop him from using Princess Peach’s body as a vessel for the return of the demonic Shadow Queen in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door ROM & ISO for Gamecube. Download and play on an emulator.

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