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Looking for a fresh take on a nostalgic classic? Experience the thrill of Super Mario 64 like never before with the Super Mario 64 - Multiplayer ROM! Whether you're on Android or PC, this fan-made transformation is set to reignite your love for this Nintendo 64 gem.

The Super Mario 64 Multiplayer ROM Nintendo 64 edition by Skelux breathes new life into the iconic platformer. Now, you don't have to embark on Mario's adventures solo. Bring in a friend and explore the vibrant worlds inside Princess Peach’s castle, working together to rescue the princess and retrieve the stolen Power Stars. And if you're the competitive type? Race each other to see who can grab those coins or reach that Power Star first!

Whether you choose the Super Mario 64 - Multiplayer ROM Android version for gaming on-the-go or the Super Mario 64 Multiplayer ROM PC edition for those extensive gaming sessions, you're in for a treat. Player two isn't limited to Luigi. Choose from beloved characters like Wario, Waluigi, or Yoshi, each with their distinct attributes and abilities. Fancy soaring through the air with Waluigi's hat or gobbling up enemies as Yoshi? It's all possible now!

And for the fans of the original? Don't worry. The essence of Super Mario 64 remains intact. You'll still be leaping, punching, and questing, but with the added dynamic of a second player. Plus, with modified levels tailored for cooperative play and multiple camera options to suit your style, the Super Mario 64 - Multiplayer ROM promises an immersive experience like no other.

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