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This is your chance to relive or experience the thrill of playing the first 3D Super Mario for the first time. The Super Mario 64 ROM & ISO pits our beloved friend against the evil villain, Bowser, who has our darling Princess Peach kidnapped in her palace.

The game starts when Mario, in response to an invitation from the Princess, visits the palace and discovers something is wrong. Bowser has invaded the palace and held the Princess captive.


Mario must conquer 15 beautifully designed worlds to rescue her, collecting 120 power stars in the process. The Super Mario 64 ROM N64 gives you special abilities in addition to the standard Fire Flower and Mushroom skills. Now you can be invulnerable to enemies, walk through people and objects for 20 seconds, and be shot from a cannon.

The game features at-the-time groundbreaking graphics and immersive sound quality that pushes this solo adventure RPG to role-playing limits. Download and play Super Mario 64 ROM on PC and Android for free.

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