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Everything heads back to the mysterious islands of Alola in Pokemon ROM & ISO. The player makes an initial stop at the Melemele island to meet Lellie and rescue Nebby. After receiving starter pokemon from local scientist Professor Kukui, the player proceeds to engage in the coming-of-age custom—the island trials. The Trial victor then battles the island’s Kahuna.

This process will be intermittently interrupted by exiles Team Skulls, who have been kidnapping Nebby and using its powers to summon Ultra Beasts. You will also encounter the Aether Foundation, an organization that protects pokemon from various threats.

The challenges in Pokemon Sun ROM & ISO GBA and GBC game become increasingly difficult as you progress. But that does not reduce the fun. You can fly Charizard and Sharpeedo across the ocean or ride Musdale on the field.

Pokemon - Sun ROM & ISO is free to download on play on Citra emulator, Android, PC, Mac, and iPhone (iOS).

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