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Pokemon Leaf Green - Randomizer makes your journey across Kanto a whole lot more fun with some borderline extreme randomizations. Yes, this includes pokemon types, abilities and moves, wild pokemon, evolution and trainer parties.

One of the interesting customizations in the Pokemon Leaf Green - Randomizer ROM game are the Nuzlocke rules. This makes it mandatory to nickname any new Pokemon you catch. This randomization only permits you to catch the first Pokemon found on any new location and no more. Finally a Pokemon that passes out, the Pokemon is deemed dead. You cnanot use that Pokemon again.

Despite the extreme randomisations, Pokemon Leaf Green - Randomizer ROM GBA retains the bulk of the original game’s storyline. The protagonist begins his journey from the small town named Pallet in Kantos. Sparked by a gift of a Pokemon by Professor Oak, the region’s researcher, the player sets off to become the Pokemon League Champion.

Play this the extreme Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer ROM for GBA game, now available for download on your favorite emulator.

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