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There are three types of pokemon fans, those that play for the battle, those actively seeking new pokemon, types, and features, and those that love to catch them all. If you are in the latter category of the pokemon fandom, Pokemon Ultra - Violet ROM for GBA is the perfect game to download and play.

It doesn’t change much to the storyline in Pokemon Fire Red. This ROM just allows you to capture, train and battle every single pokemon in the Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto regions. There are no difficult battles or tweaked in-game mechanics. In fact, fights are much easier in Pokemon Ultra - Violet ROM.


Choose one of three starters from Professor Oak’s laboratory and kickstart your journey to becoming a legendary trainer. Fight other gym leaders from the various regions and earn gym badges, defeat the Elite Four, and eventually become the Champion in Pokemon Ultra - Violet ROM. Download and play on your emulator.

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