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If you were ever dissatisfied with any aspects of Pokemon Emerald, here is a solution. The Pokemon Emerald - Randomizer ROM modifies to your specification the Pokemon Emerald game file.

Despite the appeal of Emerald, the game does not have as much extra content as other enhanced Pokemon games. So what the randomizer does is to ensure that the events are more random in a pretty cool way.


The Pokemon Emerald - Randomizer ROM can modify starter pokemon including their items. It can also make alterations to event pokemon, wild pokemon, trainer pokemon, other ingame pokemon, trainer titles, map items, TM attacks, Pokemon-TM compatibility.

Finally this randomizer makes changes to the Pokemon themselves such as their types, stats, abilities, palettes, movesets and wild hold items. Download and use Pokemon Emerald - Randomizer ROM to alter the Pokemon Emerald game on Android, PC, Mac, and GBA. Play with an emulator.

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