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The Orbtus region, renowned for its history, plays host in Pokemon - Gaia ROM & ISO, a FireRed ROM developed by Spherical Ice. The creator does a complete alteration of the original storyline. The format does not change, however.

You are a young teenager who leaves home in hopes of becoming a champion pokemon trainer. You and your rival will progress through the region encountering members of villainous organisation with goals of subduing the world with the aid of legendary pokemons.


Pokemon - Gaia ROM & ISO GBA game is remarkably detailed for an alternative. It features pokemon of up to Gen VI covering the Kalos, Unova, Hoenn, Johto, Sinnoh and Kanto regions. It also featues mega evolutions, upgraded movesets, fairy types, items, reusable TMs and much more.

Battle tyrants and subdue gym leaders and the Elite Four as you journey into becoming a pokemon hero. Pokemon - Gaia ROM game is available to play on your Citra emulator for PC, Mac, iPhone (iOS) and Android.

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