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Start your adventure off in Littleroot town where you have the responsibility of saving the regions professor. Your reward for your help is a set of new starter pokemon. This is where Pokemon - Fusion 3 ROM game for GBA enters its element. It fuses two or more pokemon to create absolute monstrosities.


This Pokeon Emerald ROM creates over 170 new fusions. There is also an event legendary. It entirely replaces all the Pokemon in Hoenn region and there is a fusion for every Hoenn region legendary pokemon. Players also have a minisprite of every fusion and a lore and description of the dex of fused pokemon.

Fusion 3 welcomes you to an entirely new experience that is filled with theatrical displays and spectacular entrances. Encounter wild legendary pokemon fusions in Pokeomon - Fusion 3 ROM game for Game Boy Advance, now available to download and play for free on an emulator of your choice.

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