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Take control of Ness and help him discover eight melodies that can help him become victorious over Giygas, the universal cosmic destroyer. Start your adventure in Earthbound ROM SNES/ GBA by venturing to investigate a fallen meteor.

Your encounter with Buzz Buzz, a futuristic bee-like creature, sets the plot for this visually simplistic game. This eerie game comprises strange encounters, otherworldly sounds, and everything weird—in a good way.

Key aspects of Earthbound ROM SNES/ GBA are its impressive character mechanics. Players can choose what actions they want their character to perform, particularly healing, running, spying, mirroring enemy actions, and attacking.

Your battle experience points affect the characters' attributes in many ways, such as psychic points (PP), hit points (HP), offense and defense. Use them to defeat Giygas and restore peace to Eagleland, the fictional country—a United States parody—in which this plot is set.

Uncover the greatest weakness of the Giygas and use it to free a hate-filled world on Earthbound ROM, free to download on your favorite emulator.

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