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Follow the activities of time-traveling adventurers in this two-dimensional role-playing game as they set out to prevent a global catastrophe. Chrono Trigger ROM for SNES takes place on an alternate earth timeline.

The game features seven playable characters, each with different skill sets. The main character Crono is a katana-wielding young man. Your responsibility is to gain allies and friends, gather equipment, and hone magic to enable you to embark on your quest.

You traverse a timeline that dates as far back as 65,000,000BC when civilization began and ends in the futuristic post-apocalyptic 2300AD. In the process, you will acquire the Wings Of Time, a machine that will ease the process of traveling through time and relieves you of passing through the End of Time portals.

The Chrono Trigger ROM game for SNES can be emulated on GBA and is playable on Android, iPhone (iOS), or PC devices.

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