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Join Calem and Serena, our protagonists in Pokemon - Y ROM 3DS, who only recently moved to Vanivile town in Kalos. There they befriend four trainers and receive a starter Pokemon that starts their journey to uncovering the mysteries of Mega Evolution.

Delight in a fascinating plot that pits you against the notorious Team Flare, helps you reunite Pokemon Floette with King AZ after 3,000 years and turns you into a Kalos champion. In the process, you battle and conquer the 72 new Pokemon.


Pokemon - Y ROM & CIA is feature-laden that refines how you battle and trade. The game replaces sprites with three-dimensional, cel-shaded characters. Players can work in eight directions, battle in the sky, encounter several wild Pokemon at once, and super-train their Pokemon.

Harness the powers of Mega Evolution on your journey to champion Pokemon - Y ROM Nintendo 3DS, free to download on Android, PC, iPhone (iOS), and Mac.

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