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Like Sun and Moon games, Pokemon Ultra - Sun ROM is set in Alola, a region similar to Hawai. Selene and Elio, the player characters, have just moved to the island. To survive, the player has to face many challenges.

This means battles with Totem Pokemon, an extremely powerful Pokemon, villainous groups such as Team Skull and Team Rainbow, Necrozma, the Elite Four, and rival Hau. Unlike older Pokemon that depend on battling gym leaders for badges, Pokemon Ultra - Sun ROM 3DS has players facing cumbersome missions.


Tons of new features await you in Pokemon Ultra - Sun ROM. You can pick up Totem m     Stickers from various locations across the region and use them as a Pokemon variant of Totem-size. Players can now surf across Alola’s seas in Mantine Surf and store character photos at the Alola Photo Club. You can also travel through the Ultra Wormholes to meet the original Ultra Beasts and find legendary and shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Ultra - Sun ROM is now free to download and play on Citra emulator.

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