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Pokemon - Omega Ruby ROM is basically an enhanced version of the popular Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire series. The only major difference is that it is now playable in three dimensions.

You are in the Hoenn region. Your father Norman is the leader of the Petalburg gym in Littleroot and friends with the region's scientist, Professor Birch. As is the norm, you start your journey with one of three starter Pokemon; Treecko, Mudkip, and Torchic.


Your travails will make you rivals with Wallace, Professor Birch’s child, and the Elite Four, who only battle holders of the eight gym badges. At the end of it all, claim your Pokemon League Championship by defeating the existing holder, Steven.

Pokemon - Omega Ruby ROM 3DS & CIA inherits its predecessors' mechanics, such as Mega Stones and Mega Evolutions, as well as previously nonexistent Evos and stones. Other interesting features include Horde encounters, super training, stereoscopic 3D, and Pokemon Amie. The latter feature allows for stronger bonds with your Pokemon.


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