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Pokemon - Water Blue ROM retains the story in Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed. After getting your first pokemon, the player (Blue) becomes desirous of becoming the Indigo League Champion by catching all the pokemon available in the game and defeating the Gym Leaders and Elite Four.

You are not alone in your ambition. Your childhood friend (Red) now turned rival has similar goals and you will have to encounter him at multiple stages. There is another rival. Team Rocket have malicious plans and they will need to be stopped.

Noteworthy characteristics of this game are the sprites. You catch all Kanto pokemon, run indoors, implement the B2W2 repel system. The game also allows lowercase pokemon names and changes the title screen. Wild encounters are impressive. You never know what you might find. All these and more await you when you download and play Pokemon - Water Blue ROM for GBA.

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