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Begin your quest in the Fiore region, the location of Pokemon - Ranger ROM & ISO game for NDS. Play as Rangers Solana or Lunick, members of the Rangers Union. The main antagonists in this game are teh Go-Rock Squad, villains with four sub-leaders known as the Go-Rock Quads. They use the super styler, a more powerful weapon than the original styler used by the Rangers in conquering and subduing legendary pokemon. THe Go-Rock Squad want to use these Pokemon to control the Fiore population. Go-Rock hopes to stop the mischief by themselves, misleading the people to consider them heroes.

It is your job to unlock their villainy and stop their plans in the tracks. Move across Fiore’s four regions, Ringtown, Fall City, Wintown and Summerland with a permanent pokemon companion. Capture pokemon and use them to solve puzzles or accomplish tasks. The game also features 8-bit sounds from previous GBA releases.

Pokemon - Ranger ROM & ISO is a cross platform game that is available to play on citra emulator for Android, PC, Mac, and iPhone (iOS).

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