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Enjoy playing this game, trying to capture and train over 649 popular Pokemon available in the designated locations throughout the game. For Pokemon veteran players, the locations in the game are all very new so expect new adventures with every new level.  

A new feature called the "Voltage" mechanic is incorporated into Pokemon - Volt White ROM Citra. This new feature allows players to boost their Pokemon's ability, provided the right move is used at the right time.  

Another interesting feature is the Physical or, as it is otherwise called, Special Split. This feature means that all Pokemon now have unique physical or special attacks. This addition will keep the gameplay more intriguing and strategic. Again, an addictive feature well incorporated.  

Catch rarer Pokemon as you go on in the game with your unique Pokeballs. Players must catch wild Pokemon within the Dream World of Pokemon. Additionally,  the more balls you use, the higher your chances of catching the rare Pokemon.  

Take a wild ride as you indulge in Pokemon - Volt White ROM & ISO on your Mac, PC, and Android. 

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