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Pokemon - Pearl Randomizer ROM for NDS and GBA provides a scintillating twist to the original version without drastically tainting the storyline. If you are one of the players who feel the original game is too easy or just want to try out the game with new features, this is the game for you.

It does not alter the storyline. You still play as Dawn (girl) or Lucas (boy). You also battle against other trainers, earning badges from gym leaders. Team Galactic's threat and villainous mission of creating a universe with Pokemon is looming.

Yet there are clear distinctions. First off, there are plenty of wild encounters. You never know what you might find in the field; a Mewtwo is not out of the question. Players also battle a much-expanded collection of starter and trainer Pokemon with improved capabilities. This also translates to tougher battles which will need a much-improved skillset.

Pokemon - Pearl Randomizer ROM is available to download and play on your Citra emulator for Android, Mac, and PC.

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