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Pokemon - Conquest ROM & ISO game for NDS is a build on the pokemon titles from GBA and GBC days. This fusion of Nobunaga’s Ambition game series with Pokemon takes you on a trip to the Ransei region, home to 17 kingdoms that are currently at war.

The war results from a legend that states that whoever unifies the region’s kingdoms will encounter the legendary pokemon responsible for creating Ransei. You control the main character, who is the warlord of Aurora kingdom. You set off on battles against the various tribes, starting with Ignis in hopes of unifying the tribes.

Your journey in Pokemon - Conquest ROM & ISO will force you to fight Nobunaga, who is in charge of seven kingdoms. He will, after his defeat, unveil who exactly is responsible for the chaos in Ransei. Enjoy the twists and turns in Pokemon - Conquest ROM & ISO game for NDS, now free to download and play on Android, PC, Mac, and iPhone (iOS).

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