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The new Super Mario Bros 2 ROM for 3DS is a three-dimensional version of the Nintendo GBA and GBC Super Mario Bros 2 games. Unlike its predecessors the gameplay and storyline in this game are quite different. Your enemy is Bowser, a familiar antagonist who, with the aid of his Koopalings, has kidnapped Princess Peach.

Mario and Luigi have the onerous task of rescuing her from her captors. They must also accumulate as many coins in the process as they progress through the game’s 81 levels. These levels are contained in three special worlds and six main worlds. There are also multiple exits and side activities to explore.

Although New Super Mario Bros 2 ROM is a three-dimensional game, it is played against a 2D background. The priority in this side-scroller game is on coin collection and completing levels with the aid of powerups. Use Mushrooms to fly or whip enemies. The invincibility Leaf helps you to stay invincible until the end of the game.

The game also features a Coin Rush Mode where you have to accumulate as many coins as possible in randomly chosen worlds and levels. Download and play New Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS here.

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