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Ness is on a quest to find Picky in Mother - 2 ROM. His search takes him and his neighbor Pokey, Picky’s brother, to a meteorite crash. This marks their first encounter with Giygas, an alien force that has filled the world with hatred. All humans and animals have been converted into vile and malicious creatures.

Under the guidance of Buzz Buzz, Ness primary responsibility is to find melodies in a Sound Stone found in eight sanctuaries. This melody will stop the force. His travails will take him to Happy Happy village, Saturn Valey, the seaside resort of Summers, the Scaraba desert, the Deep Darkness swamp and surreal Magicant.

Along the way he will rescue others, gain allies, fight hi sdark side and use the Phase Distorter on a trip back in time to face Giygas. Giygas insurmountable strenght can only be breached through human emotions—the only way he can be eradicated from existence.

Mother - 2 ROM for SNES is now available to download and play on your favorite emulator.

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