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Metroid Prime - Pinball ROM & ISO for NDS game borrows from the basic pinball mechanics. There are flippers, bumpers, ramps, and spinners. But it also reminds you that you are in Samus’s space-verse, and your responsibility is to help her battle bosses, acquire artifacts and ball your way to victory.

The game pits you against enemies who wander across the pinball table, seeking ways to stop your game. However, it does not leave you handicapped. As a true bounty hunter, you can fire weapons and jump walls. You can also use the touchscreen of your Nintendo DS to shift the pinball table, altering the ball's trajectory.

Metroid Prime - Pinball starts players with two tables out of six available. The rest must be unlocked by battling a boss. In the process, players acquire a total of 12 artifacts. You will have to battle antagonists in the Metroid Prime series to obtain them.

Play the Single Mission on a single table and rank your scores against other players playing Metroid Prime - Pinball ROM & ISO available to download and play on your favorite emulator.

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