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This upgrade of Pokemon Emerald is a journey to the city of Kalos where you undertake the arduous task of becoming the almighty Pokemon champ. The Pokemon - X ROM & ISO game features a unique storyline.

The protege, you, has a dad. The character is also responsible for protecting the world from Team Aqua and Team Magna. The former wants to flood the world with water, and the latter wishes to rid the world of it. On this journey, you will encounter lots of rare Pokemon. Conquer, train, feed, and build a strong relationship with them so that they can aid you to victory.

Pokemon - X ROM GBA is an addictive and fun game featuring original Emerald music and sound effects. There are, however, plenty of additions. These include weather effects, 1st to 6th generation Pokemon, new events, tilesets, and a storyline that spans three regions. Download and play Pokemon - X ROM & ISO on Android, PC, Mac, and iPhone (iOS) for free.

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