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Pokemon GS Chronicles ROM game for GBA is a Pokemon FireRed remake premised on Gold, Silver, and Crystal games created by Ruki Studios and Overlord Kaktus. Although there are clear distinctions between the two storylines, the plot takes place in Johto, and you eventually become the Pokemon Master.


Due to the Pokemon GS Chronicles ROM graphics update, it bears semblance to HeartGold and SoulSilver. Enjoy superb gameplay as you race to capture up to 494 Gen I - IV Pokemon.

The game also features fresh plot points, gen 4 to 8 moves, custom moves, Mega Evolution, day and night cycles, PokeRides—a replacement for the outdated HM mechanics, and updated types.

Journey across the Johto region as you capture, train, feed, and battle Pokemon. Defeat gym leaders and become the Pokemon master in Pokemon GS Chronicles ROM for GBA. Download and play with an emulator.

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