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Pokemon SUper Mystery Dungeon ROM game for 3DS adapts Pokemon characters into the Mystery Dungeon games. So as with previous titles — nine in japan and six internationally — the game’s protagonist is a human who has undergone transformation into a pokemon child and now roams a world solely inhabited by pokemon.

As a child with no recollection of his past as a human besides that they were once humans, they find themselves at crossroads. An encounter with a Nuzleef after a Beheeyem attack prompts the player to enrol in a school and befriend a partner pokemon with dreams of joining the Expedition Society to map the entire world. Together they will go on many adventures.

Unlock you and your partners past, battle the Dark Matter, forge alliances, battle enemies, and defeat friends turned foes in the twisted Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon ROM game for 3DS. Download and play this game on your device with an emulator. 

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