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Reverse 1999 APK offers not just a game but a cinematic experience that, once downloaded for android, becomes an adventure hard to put down.

Introduction to Reverse 1999 APK

In the vast universe of android gaming, a new gem sparkles, beckoning adventurers to embark on a journey through time. The Reverse 1999 APK stands tall amidst the clutter, introducing reverse time travel as its core essence. Crafted diligently by the artisans at BluePoch, this 20th-century time-travel strategic RPG transports players to the mysterious last day of 1999.

Reverse 1999 APK Download

The journey through time is more than just hopping from one era to another; it's about feeling the pulse of each age, listening to the stories performed by a diverse cast, and using arcane skills to defeat challenges that lay ahead. With its global release, players around the world are now free to travel across time, dive deep into the turn-based strategy role-playing and build their team to combat the challenges the 20th century brings.

How to Use Reverse 1999 Game

After a swift apk download for Android, initiate the Reverse 1999 APK. Upon launch, players are greeted by an intuitive interface, making the gaming experience seamless. Tap on 'Start' and witness the turn of the millennium unfold. Newbies? No worries. A guided tutorial introduces the strategy role-playing mechanics. Your primary role? The Timekeeper, on a mission through various eras. Navigate using on-screen controls, selecting your team of arcanists, each bringing unique powers to the table. The gameplay is turn-based, so strategize, use your arcane skills to defeat enemies, and progress. Embark on your journey through time and space with ease and flair.

Captivating Features of Reverse 1999 APK

  • 20th Century Time-Travel Strategic RPG: Dive into a world where the mystery of the year 1999 unravels. The game lets players embark on a journey across time and space, from the roaring 20s to the turn of the millennium. Each era unveils a segment of the game's intricate story.

  • Unique Gameplay Experience: The gameplay is primarily turn-based and requires meticulous strategy role-playing, ensuring you harness your arcane skills to defeat formidable enemies and obstacles that stand in your way.

  • Character Diversity: With the aid of Sonetto, a powerful arcanist, and various other characters, players can build their team with over 100 diverse arcanists, each boasting unique abilities. These characters, some of whom live in uneasy coexistence with regular humans, range from wizards and mages to observers of eras.

  • Dazzling Visuals and Sounds: Immerse yourself in beautifully crafted visuals, reminiscent of a classical oil painting, intertwined with a story performed by a diverse cast of voice actors. The voices, each with its unique accent, bring an authentic touch to the characters from various epochs.

  • Role-Playing Gameplay: The heart of Reverse 1999 APK is its deep role-playing game mechanics. The narrative progresses as players, acting as the Timekeeper, undertake a mission to travel through time and space to uncover truths that have long been obscured.

  • Engaging Gacha System: One of the hallmarks of BluePoch's creations, the game boasts an enticing gacha system. Players have the opportunity to acquire and upgrade a plethora of characters to fortify their ranks.

  • Dynamic Updates: Always ensure to check Google Play for the Reverse 1999 APK latest version. Regular updates by BluePoch bring new content, features, and improvements to the gaming experience.

  • Cross-Platform Play: The 1999 mobile game allows players to carry on their adventures across different platforms - be it iOS, Android, or PC. With a single account, seamlessly transition your gaming experience.

  • Global Reach: Since its global release, the game has amassed a vast player base. Players from different parts of the world can come together, share strategies, and discuss their adventures.

  • Accessible Download Options: For an authentic experience, ensure you go for the Reverse 1999 APK download for Android from reputable sources. With straightforward installation steps, you can dive into this realm and begin your journey through time and space.

Reverse 1999 APK Android

By encapsulating the essence of a thrilling time-travel tale with strategic turn-based gameplay, Reverse 1999 APK for Android offers players an unmatched mobile game experience.

Pros and Cons of using Reverse 1999 APK


  • Immersion at Its Best: The intricate plot, woven around the mystery of the year 1999, offers players a deep dive into a narrative that spans multiple eras. The opportunity to immerse oneself in a storyline so comprehensive is a rarity.

  • Diverse Gameplay Mechanisms: From turn-based battles to strategy role-playing, Reverse 1999 APK ensures players never encounter a dull moment. Each gameplay element is meticulously crafted to challenge and entertain.

  • Stunning Visuals and Audio: With visuals echoing classical oil paintings and a story performed by a diverse cast of voice actors, players are treated to a rich audio-visual experience.

  • Cross-Platform Continuity: The ability to play the game across various platforms, including Android, ensures that players can continue their adventure irrespective of their device.


  • Gacha System Limitations: While engaging, the gacha system can sometimes be perceived as reliant on luck, potentially limiting player progression.

  • Size and Performance: Given its rich graphics and extensive content, the APK might demand significant storage space and might not perform optimally on older devices.

  • Complexity for Newbies: The depth in gameplay mechanics can be overwhelming for players new to strategy role-playing games, requiring a steeper learning curve.

In essence, while Reverse 1999 APK is a masterpiece in many regards, it's crucial for players to weigh its impressive benefits against its few limitations to make an informed decision.

Best Tips for Reverse 1999 APK

  • Understanding the Timeline: Given the game revolves around the mystery of the year 1999, it's pivotal to grasp the sequence of events. Make use of the in-game chronology or journal to track your progress through time and space.

  • Optimize Team Building: While every arcanist possesses unique abilities, strategically building your team ensures synergy in battles. Combine the skills of powerful arcanists like Sonetto with other characters to amplify your offensive and defensive capabilities.

Reverse 1999 APK
  • Master the Turn-Based System: The key to succeeding in strategy role-playing lies in mastering the game's turn-based combat. Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each enemy and deploy your arcane skills to defeat them effectively.

  • Engage in Side Quests: While the main narrative is gripping, don't neglect side quests. They not only enrich the story but also provide resources and unique items beneficial in the main quest.

  • Regularly Update: To enjoy a seamless gaming experience, ensure you regularly update to the latest version. This guarantees that you're experiencing the game's best features and optimizations.

  • Participate in In-Game Events: Reverse 1999 APK frequently introduces events. Engaging in them not only provides entertainment but also valuable rewards that aid progression.

  • Backup Your Progress: Since the game spans vast periods and complex narratives, regularly backing up your progress ensures you don't lose critical milestones.

By incorporating these strategies, players can dive deeper into the intricate web of Reverse 1999 APK, maximizing enjoyment and efficiency in their journey through time and space.


The appeal of Reverse: 1999 lies not only in its engaging storytelling but also in its innovative gameplay mechanics, taking players to different eras and challenges. For those eager to embark on this adventure, Reverse 1999 APK Download is available, optimized for Reverse: 1999 APK for Android platforms. With regular updates, gamers can always expect the latest version of Reverse 1999 APK, ensuring an enriching experience. The best part is that the accessibility of Reverse 1999 APK free gives everyone the opportunity to delve into the mysteries of time, unraveling secrets with just a tap and swipe.

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