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Pokemon Sword and Shield ROM game is a GBA version of Pokemon FireRed developed by game PCL.G. This FireRed variant starts in Verdanturf Town in Galar, a region with diverse characteristics and numerous towns. Your Starter Pokemon are Pooka, beavers with a kitten-like resemblance.

With the help of your starter, begin collecting over 100 new, version-specific Pokemon. Train, feed, pet, and use them to battle your way to becoming a champion trainer. Prevent Galar’s four towns and seven cities from being conquered by an invading force and become the region’s hero.


Pokemon Sword and Shield ROM's seasonal feature clearly distinguishes day and night. Use days for exploring the world and nights for battles. The game also allows players to build their avatars and play as different races. Pokemon Sword and Shield ROM is now available for download on your favorite emulator.

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