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The player has always dreamed of becoming the Sinnoh region’s Pokemon League Champion. Pokemon - Brilliant Diamond ROM details that journey. Battle the eight gym leaders for Gym Badges. Use these gym badges to face the Elite Four and defeat them to have a shot at the Pokemon League Champion.

As you play, remember that your enemy Team Galactic is always lurking there, and you may have a few run-ins with them. They will capture Professor Rowan - regional researcher and benefactor of your Starter Pokemon - and you will have to save him. The sinister objective of Team Galactic is to create the Red Chain, an item to control legendary Pokemon Dalgia and use it to subdue Sinnoh. It is your duty to stop them.


The game maintains the battle mechanics introduced in Pokemon Diamond. This means that there are three types of moves; status moves, physical attacks, and special attacks. The trading feature is an easy way to get in-game items fast and achieve rapid success.

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